About Me

About Mike

Growing up in Waukesha, WI, Mike Svoboda had a strong desire to see all of his friends come to know and experience what Jesus described as, “life and life to the full.”

After receiving training at North Central University, Mike joined a Twin Cities based ministry called PULSE, and over the proceeding five years traveled to 48 of the 50 states, 16 different countries, sharing with nearly 400,000 people the dynamic message that Jesus changes everything!

Throughout all of those travels, Mike felt a burden that today is taking him on a specific mission: Advance The Gospel in parts of the world that have been influenced by western culture, while being left devoid of the life changing and life-giving hope of The Gospel.

Whether on or off the stage, Mike’s greatest joy is to see people experience life as it was meant to be lived- a life in relationship with God, following Jesus.

If interested in having Mike speak at one of your upcoming events, feel free to reach out to him HERE.



What People are Saying

“If there were an encyclopedia entry for “Youth Speaker” there would be a picture of Mike Svoboda.  Mike has a passion for students.  He embodies the perfect balance of being genuinely goofy and funny while authentically serious about the issues that matter most.  Whether you are looking for someone to speak at a school assembly, music festival, church or camp – I strongly encourage you to utilize Mike.  He is a team player.  He will give you 110%.  Your students will love him.”

          -Nick Hall, Founder of PULSE

“We had the privilege to have Mike speak at NorthPointe Christian for a chapel this year.  His presentation was engaging, relevant, and true to the Word of God.  He did a great job speaking to our high school and did a great job balance his content and scripture with life experiences and stories.  Our students really enjoyed him and were challenged by his time with us.  I would wholeheartedly recommend him to return or to do the same for student based groups or audiences.”

          -Scott Huckaby, Spiritual Life Director | NorthPointe Christian Schools | Grand Rapids, MI

“Mike has an amazing ability to engage students where they’re at while challenging them to be better.  Mike being a dynamic and gospel-oriented speaker, challenged our students to not only embrace Jesus’ call on their lives but to also thrive under His grace and mercy.  He has an amazing ability to take such a large-student audience and captivate them both by his enthusiasm and authenticity, but also through his ability to make biblical truths relevant and empowering.  Mike did a fantastic job making the students feel welcome and displayed this by not just speaking but by being available at any point to dialogue with a student through whatever was going on in their lives.  I thank God that he has given men like Mike the gifting He has to challenge today’s youth for the Gospel and challenge them not just to cope with the world but to urgently thrive under God’s grace.”

          -Mark Hauch, Youth Pastor | Metropolitan Bible Church | Ottawa, Canada